Hussein St.Leo Bolt is a former Jamaican sprinter who is widely considered to be one of the greatest sprinters of all time. He holds the world records in the 100, 200, and 4×100 metres relay.

Hussein Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold medallist is the only sprinter who has won Olympic 100 m or 200 m titles at three Olympics consecutively (2008, 2012 and 2016). Bolt also won two gold medals in the 4×100 relay. His double sprint win in the world record time at the 2008 Beijing Olympics earned him worldwide fame. This made him the first to hold both records since the introduction of fully automatic timing.

He is an eleven-time World Champion and won consecutive World Championship 100, 200, and 4 x 100 meters relay gold medals between 2009 and 2015. The exception being a 100m false start in 2011. Bolt is the World Championships’ most successful male athlete. Bolt was the first to win four World Championship titles at 200m, and he is also the winner of three titles at 100m.

Hussein Bolt improved on his first 100 m world record of 9.69 by setting 9.58 seconds in 2009. This is the largest improvement since electronic timing. Bolt has broken the 200 m world record twice, with 19.30 in 2008 and 19.19 2009 respectively. He helped Jamaica achieve three 4x100m relay world records. The current record is 36.84 seconds. Bolt’s 200m race is his most successful, winning three Olympic and four World titles. Bolt’s international debut over 100m was the 2008 Olympics. He had previously won many 200m medals, including silver at the 2007 World Championships. In addition to the records for the event, he also held the world under-20 record and the world under-18 record until Erriyon knighton took them down in 2021.

Hussein Bolt’s achievements as a sprinter earned him the media nickname of “Lightning Bolt”. His awards include the IAAF World Athlete of the Year and Track & Field Athlete of the Year. He also received the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year and the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year. Bolt was named in Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2016. Bolt, who finished third in the 100 m solo race of his 2017 World Championships, decided to retire and opt out of the 200m. He was also injured in the 4x100m relay final.

Early life of Hussein Bolt

Hussein Bolt was born 21 August 1986 to Wellesley Bolt and Jennifer Bolt, in Sherwood Content (a small Jamaican town). He is the brother of Sadiki and Sherine. Bolt grew up in a rural family that owned a grocery store. He played cricket and football on the streets with his brother. Later, Bolt said, “When I was young I didn’t think about anything else than sports.” Bolt was a Waldensia Primary School child. He began to show his potential as a sprinter when he participated in the annual primary school national meet. Bolt was already twelve years old and had become the school’s fastest runner over 100m. Bolt developed a love for European football teams Real Madrid, Manchester United.

Hussein Bolt was initially focused on other sports after he entered William Knibb Memorial School. However, his cricket coach saw Bolt’s speed and encouraged him to take up track and field. Bolt was coached by Pablo McNeil and Dwayne Jarett, who were both former Olympic sprint athletes. They encouraged him to put his energy into improving his athletic skills. With Michael Green, a former student of the school, there was a long history of success in athletics. Bolt took home the silver medal in 200m with a time in 22.04 seconds to win his first high school championships medal. McNeil quickly became Bolt’s primary coach and they enjoyed a positive relationship. However, McNeil was sometimes frustrated by Bolt’s inability to dedicate himself to training and his penchant of practical jokes.

Hussein Bolt attended Sherwood Content Seventh-day Adventist church in Trelawny (Jamaica) as a boy with his mother. According to Adventist beliefs, his mother didn’t serve Bolt pork.


A career in professional athletics – Hussein Bolt

Hussein Bolt became a professional under the direction of Fitz Coleman in 2004, starting with the CARIFTA Games, Bermuda. Bolt became the first junior sprinter in the 200 m to break the 20 second barrier, setting the world junior record with 19.93 seconds. He was also awarded the Austin Sealy Trophy, which recognizes the best athlete at the 2004 CARIFTA Games. Bolt was unable to compete in the 2004 World Junior Championships due to a hamstring injury, but he was still selected for the Jamaican Olympic team. Bolt went to Athens Olympics 2004 with confidence and a new personal record. Bolt was unfortunately hampered by a knee injury, and was eliminated in round one of 200 meters with a time of 21.05 seconds. Bolt was offered scholarships to the United States to continue his international career, but Trelawny teenager refused all of them, saying that he wanted to remain in Jamaica. Bolt chose to train professionally at the University of Technology in Jamaica. He stayed with the university’s weight and track facilities that had been so helpful during his amateur years.

2005 saw a new beginning for Bolt, with Glen Mills as his coach and a change in attitude towards athletics. Mills recognized Bolt’s potential, and wanted to end what he saw as an unprofessional approach towards the sport. Bolt began training in Mills’ gym to prepare for the forthcoming athletics season. He was partnered with experienced sprinters like Kim Collins and Dwain chambers. He started the year well. In July, he smashed more than a third off the 200m CAC Championship record. With a run in 20.03 seconds, Bolt then ran his 200m season’s fastest at London’s Crystal Palace in 19.99 seconds.

Hussein Bolt Personal life

Bolt loves dancing and is often described as relaxed and laid back. His Jamaican track and fields idols are Herb McKenley, and Don Quarrie, former Jamaican 200 m and 100 m world record holders. Bolt also holds Michael Johnson (the former 200 m world record holder and Olympic record holder) in high regard. And known as “Lightning Bolt” because of his speed and name. Bolt is a Catholic, well-known for his sign of the cross prior to racing competitively. He also wears the Miraculous Medal during races. His middle name is St. Leo.

Bolt’s love of music was also shown in 2010, when he performed a reggae DJ set for a Paris crowd. Bolt is also a huge fan of Call of Duty, saying that he “stays up late playing the game online, it’s just too hard to help it.”

Bolt’s autobiography reveals that he suffered from scoliosis. His spine curves to the right, and his right leg is 14% longer than his left. The left leg struck the ground with a force 955 lbf (4.250 N), while the right had 1,080 Lbf (4.800 N). Bolt’s sprinting career has been affected by this imbalance, according to biomechanics experts.

The “lightning bolt” pose was popularised by him, also known as “to dis world” or “bolting”. He used it both in celebration and before races. This pose involves extending your left arm slightly to the side, and the right hand folded across your chest. Both hands are extended with the thumb and index fingers outstretched. The move was popularized by many, including the American President Barack Obama and small children. The pose is believed to be inspired by Jamaican dancehall moves, although Olympic sprint champion Bernard Williams had also performed similar celebration moves in that decade.9 This was noted in media reports.

Hussein Bolt stated to the BBC in 2021 that his love of video games such as Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart helped him throughout his Olympic career.

Hussein Bolt Family

Bolt’s longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett gave her birth to their first child on 17 May 2020. The girl was named Olympia Lightning Bolt.456 Bennett and Bolt welcomed twin boys, Thunder and Saint Leo, in June 2021.

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