If you have to pick the most popular technology of the year, it’s artificial intelligence (AI). And if you had to pick the face of the most prestigious industry of 2023, this would be it Sam Altman.

The CEO of OpenAI is one of the main proponents of AI worldwide, especially since the ChatGPT tool, the clever artificial intelligence chatbot, became popular on the internet. However, Altman has also called for caution, especially given the speed at which some companies are advancing in this space.

It is said that behind every genius there is a great couple who advise, guide and support them. In the case of Sam, from Chicago, 38 years old and of Jewish descent, he is openly gay.

In fact, the way he came out of the dark is recognized by the LGBTQ+ community. As The New Yorker reports, a group of young Christians boycotted a gathering on sex, and Altman’s response was to openly identify as gay and ask if the school used repression on the matter or if they wanted different ideas.

“What Sam did changed the school. “It felt like someone opened a big box full of kids of all kinds and let them out into the world,” said Madelyn Gray, the school counselor.

Meet Oliver Mulherin

Time passed when the child Sam Altman grew up, gave birth to OpenAI and with it the rise of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT, DALL-E, among others. But Altman puts his work life aside and focuses on his personal life. He is currently in a dating relationship with Oliver Mulherin, who is also his partner.

There isn’t much public information about Mulherin, and Altman knew how to protect his private life. In fact, both he and his friend keep their Instagram accounts private, and the only public photo of the two together that has gone viral across the internet is the one that opens this post.

Oliver Mulherin’s 30-year-old LinkedIn profile shows that he is a software engineer, graduating from the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he was born. In his profile picture he wears a cowboy hat.

Oliver Mulherin

He is certainly not a very active user of the job platform and does not show what he is currently doing. Among the jobs he’s held, however, one stands out: he was with Meta for more than two years as a software engineer.

Mulherin’s exact position at OpenAI is currently unknown and all that is known is that he is Altman’s right-hand man. It’s likely that he’ll stay true to his job and listen to the CEO’s every decision. Probably best for both of them is that he works in secret and Sam Altman is the face of the company, which can also keep their relationship private.

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