Google’s ranking signals have been leaked.

At least this is the claim being made on Twitter.

On Twitter, Mike King and Rand Fishkin have claimed in different blog posts that a secret anonymous source has shared a leaked document of Google in which the details of

Google’s ranking signals are mentioned. This document contains 14,000.

Yes, not 200, not 1400, 14,000 details of ranking signals in which there are many new ranking signals.

Are these really ranking signals?

And if they are, then instead of remembering these 14,000 ranking signals, we should start preparing for ISYS? Is this happening? What is this drama? This is what we will discuss in today’s Article.

Hello everyone, In today’s article, we are talking about Google’s leaked 14,000 ranking signals.

There is a lot of confusion, right? AI, SG, AIO, let’s see what this new thing is. 100 people will talk about different things, so let’s understand this in detail in advance so that you can decide for yourself what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

So, first of all, what is this data?

Google has an API, Content Warehouse API, which is a system that works on Google’s servers to store, organize, and search document pages. This API has a support document, like every API has one. This was accidentally published and it has a list of many words and modules that look like they can be used to rank websites.

You have to remember this point all the time because this is not a direct search algorithm leak. This is a support document of a support system. This can be related to Google search or maybe not. This is just about Google’s internal use documents. We don’t know  anything. 50-50% chance.

The second question is who leaked it?

An SEO named Irfan Azimi accidentally saw this published document and then he shared this data with Rand Fishkin, who had created the Moz company and Mike King, an SEO, who read and analyzed this document and wrote a blog post in his opinion.

So, this leak is not of any angry Google employee, but a story of documents accidentally found by an SEO. The third question is whether Google has lied about ranking signals.

Have Google employees incited people and sent them in the wrong direction?

Well, the story gets a little complicated here. Now, before I say anything further, it is important to say that the document that has been leaked is Google’s own. It can be seen from the language, structure and details. There is no doubt that this is not a Google document. And Rand Fishkin and Mike King spent their time writing a blog post and told other people about it. They have done a very good job. But now, how much is this related to the daily work life of SEOs or whether it will work in the ranking or not, we cannot trust blindly.  Google employees are lying, then how much can someone else understand this, it is important to have a little faith in this.

Rand Fishkin had created a company called Moz and Moz had invented a metric called Domain Authority, which is still used by SEOs today. Domain Authority means DA. Google has always denied that Google does not use DA in the ranking. Now, because Moz is one of the oldest companies among SEO tools, it is a well-known company, Google employees were always asked questions about DA. And Google employees had also rejected it many times in all these years. Rand may have taken it personally. This document  mentions the word Site Authority in many places. Seeing this, Rand and his supporters are demanding that Google employees should apologize to Rand Fishkin because they have always said wrong to him.

Fair enough, I mean, whether you apologize or not, it oesn’t matter to me. But I don’t understand that those lakhs of SEOs and webmasters who have destroyed their website in the process of increasing the DA of Moz, by buying a backlink of 200 in fake 5 dollars,  wasted money, wasted time, increased expectations, who will apologize to them? By promoting this metric called DA, Moz set up a company worth 200-250 million dollars.

Rand had personal reasons to prove DA right. And in order to increase this DA, people destroyed their website. If you look at it with common sense, it becomes clear that if 50% of a website’s pages are good, then a system can use this confidence that the chances of the content of other pages being good are also high. Can you trust this much?

What is Site Authority?

A website whose content is very good, that is, there are 100 pages on it now, which have very good content. Now, if the same website publishes 100 new pages on the website tomorrow, then there are chances that their content will also be good.

You can have this confidence, right?

A man who has been your friend for the last 10 years, he will behave well with you tomorrow.

You can have this confidence, right?

Now, Google can count this confidence in a very different way in the context of the website. It can also count the backlink.It can also count the backlink’s frequency, variety, position, etc. It can set a confidence score on a site. Because it is Google, people are searching for it, they are searching on its browser, they are putting its analytics code on their website. Moz does not have all these things. Moz does not have a browser. People are not searching on Moz. People are not using Moz’s analytics code.

So where does Moz get all this information from?

It counts the number of backlinks. Google can also use this confidence score because in this way, you can set a score for all the pages of a website and for the coming pages. Okay, before I say anything else, see for yourself how Moz is representing DA on its website.

This screenshot is from Moz’s own website. I just took it a while ago. Everything is bold except for NOT.

So what does it mean?

DA’s bulbs have been made a part of every SEO’s working life, but it was not used. This DA checks the number of backlinks, how many gigs are there on Fiverr, which gives a guarantee to increase DA in 5-10,000 rupees. No matter how much oil is removed from  he website in the search results page, but the DA will increase. I have personally seen hundreds of websites where the DA has been increased, the owners and after that the website does not come out anywhere. It starts de-indexing.

I am not saying that Moz has deliberately increased such malpractice. But this DA’s stubbornness, this DA’s stubbornness has increased the loss of SEOs and reduced the benefit. Moz’s metric was domain authority. The term found in Google’s documents is site authority. This does not mean that it is something like Moz’s metric. It is completely illogical to think this way. If you put the name of a blind man as Nansuk, will he start watching?

This was my view on site authority. The second biggest part is to use Google’s click data. That is, how many times people click on a website’s link,  does Google use it to rank or not? Google has always denied that it does not use CTR or the number of clicks in the rank. But to think that it will not use the behavior of a particular user to personalize the results of the site, this is stupidity.

Imagine there are four people in your office. Some people like to drink cold water, some people like to drink ice water, some people like to drink water at normal temperature. Your office peon gives water to everyone.

You will expect this from a smart peon, right?

That if you asked to bring cold water yesterday, he will bring cold water to you today. And if your peon is really smart, he will also notice that he is feeling cold today. I will not give cold water today, even if he asked to bring cold water yesterday.

Google is also a kind of digital peon that provides you information from different sources. When a search engine has a pattern of millions of clicks, it will not ignore it at all. Maybe they are not using for the search ranking signals, but someone is using it in some way, and they will definitely store that data. How innocent can you be that someone tells you that it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon, there is a lot of light outside, it is hot, but the sun has not risen yet, and you believe that the sun has not risen yet.

Similarly, according to this document, Google also uses the data of Chrome users in some way. I am not using the word ranking signal because I do not know whether it is a ranking signal or not. Google is a complex system in which many ranking signals are used. Some signals and systems are used first during crawling and indexing. Some are used while serving results after the search. And some are used at the very end only for the user during personalization.

That is, many times it happens that when you search from your device, then your website is visible at the top number. But when the client checks from his website at another location or with another device or with another Wi-Fi connection, then he may see the website at the first, second, or third number. This is because the results are being personalized. And this personalization happens many times based on the pattern of user clicks. So, in this whole lead list, it is not written anywhere that these are ranking signals.

Does Google use them in ranking or not?

And we don’t even know which is a positive ranking signal and which is a negative ranking signal. Maybe some ranking signals are positive, maybe some are negative. We don’t know. We don’t know in which weight they are being used. If in any one thing, to drive a result, 14,000 ranking signals are being used, then you won’t be able to find all of them.

This means that all these ranking signals are being used in different niches, in different industries, in different phases, even if these are ranking signals.

Now, it is not that in this whole article, only CTR and Site Authority have been discussed.

There are many unique things in this article, new information too. For example, Anchor Mismatch or Nav Demotion has been discussed.

How do mismatch domains get pushed down in search results?

Demotion of Product Review. How can a website be demoted without doing a product review? Or, Demotion based on Location has been discussed. Other than this, there is a lot of talk about the importance of links and a lot of talk about the source of the link. A lot of details have been given about how to check the score of spam in any link. For example, spam has been done in Anchor or the source of any link is spammy. A lot of things have been said about this. The change in the frequency of visiting the crawler has also been mentioned in this document.

How many times has a page been changed?

When was a domain registered?

Or how big or small should be the title of a page?

Or how to measure it with a search query?

All this unique information that Google has not provided to us by itself is in this document. So, it’s not like there is absolutely trash information in this entire document. There is some information, some technical terms that we did not know until now, which we  have found out.

We will analyze them separately. But after reading this entire article, I have not found any such information that we did not know until now. Through our own trial and error. Or any information that we were not using in our SEO practice until now and we will start using it in the future. CTR was always important. All these SEOs who are practicing, they knew that CTR is important. Now it is being used directly or in personalization. This is just a matter of words. If there is a particular user who is only getting the effect of CTR in personalization.

But still, my CTR will be good.

Because my title and description are good. And if my title and description are good and the result is visible. Even if it is not in the first position, but in the third position. But still, if it is attractive, good, and is attracting, then the user will click on it. And if many users click on it again and again, then Google will automatically promote it well. Because the user is attracted and clicking, reading the information and staying there for a long time. Then obviously, Google will promote the content that is performing well.

Everyone bets on the same horse that is performing well and winning continuously. Nothing was unique in this. If Google says that you will not have a website, you will start ranking. Because you wrote good content on Twitter, so I will not believe it. You have to use your brain everywhere. So, the people among you who were running their SEO campaigns properly after proper training. Nothing is unique for them in this leak. A lot of people will write long articles on Twitter to satisfy their personal ego. No need to pay attention.

Nothing is unique.

Nothing is there that you did not know about the strength of practice and education. It is the same. But yes, we have definitely learned some new technical terms. Like Twiddlers. Now we will see what is Twiddlers in some other video. After analyzing it well and gathering more information. But for now, there is nothing explosive. Whether Google employees are lying or not. It can be their own corporate compulsion.

I won’t comment on that.

One thing we have to accept from our side. The problem of our industry is that as soon as we find out anything, we start optimizing for it. For example, let’s assume that if we find out from this leak. That Google ranks the article of a  particular word count more. So don’t we all start targeting the same word count directly? Google constantly pushes us to think about the user. To try to satisfy the user’s search query. To try to answer the user’s questions.

How many times do we want this? After all, at the end of the day, that customer is ours.

That user is ours.

But we are not thinking about it.

We are thinking that when Google will force us, then we will do it. So the fault of the industry is more somewhere. And we are trying to turn that fault on Google. If Google employees were lying. Then they were saying for the user. They were not saying that you go and use Google. They were pushing us because we don’t want to think about the user from our side. Now, Google does not have any responsibility of giving us the right answer. Or telling us its secret formula. So that we don’t optimize for it. This is not Google’s responsibility.


If anyone else comes in the search engine. If you come in the search engine in the future. Then you will always keep your formula safe. So that people don’t start fixing matches for it. If we focus more on playing and enjoying the match. Then we will not need that information.

But the moral of the story. There is nothing new in this. Which you need to know. You don’t need to waste time on it. Whatever new information will be there. Whatever new technical information will be there. We will bring it to you in new videos. But right now, you don’t need to jump in. And watch any new video. You don’t need to find any special trick. With which your website will start trying. Because there is no such thing in this entire document.

In this entire leak. There is not. What does Google say about it? Maybe they will respond. Maybe they will not ever respond. It is also possible that Google. To satisfy the AI overview. To distract you from it. They have left a new trick. That you should not pay  attention to AI overview.

So whatever it is.

You will get to know in a few days.

Till now, the information about this leak. Was in front of you. Views are also in front of you. You tell me. What do you think in the comment section. I will also read something. Maybe for a new article. You will get content.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

And I will see you next time.

Take care.


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