Alexis Vega was dropped from the Chivas first team after a lack of discipline came to light as he, along with Chicote Calderón and Raúl Martínez, was reported to have brought women to the concentration hotel in Toluca, which provoked his wife’s reaction.

At first, Alexis Vega’s wife denied this accusation, but now she has once again given rise to conversation on social networks, as Paula González believes, according to a post that went viral, that “they are doing more than just crucifying him.” Politicians, murderers or rapists.’

Alexis Vega’s wife defends him from criticism

A post purported to be Paula González, wife of the Chivas footballer, in which she once again defends him from those who attack him, spread on the social network “X”, formerly Twitter.

González believes that “misconduct” is becoming worse than any act of a politician or murderer, words that have given people something to talk about and that have gained prominence in everything surrounding the entire Liga MX.

“Since when is a football player more crucified for off-field “misconduct” than a politician, rapist or murderer? The lack of education and values ​​is unbelievable, since when did people become inhuman?,” the post says.

After a game in which neither Vega nor Chicote Calderón saw playing time, Chivas bounced back once again as they defeated Atlas 4-1 in another edition of the Clásico Tapatío, aiming to top Liguilla positions.

When is the next Chivas game?

The Flock will take a short ‘break’ for the FIFA date in October, but on Sunday 15th they will face América in a friendly in the United States and then visit Puebla on Friday 20th, now in Liga MX.

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