Copyright proprietors worldwide have taken offense at TamilRockers, a torrent website that has been involved in the unauthorized distribution of content protected by copyright. To tackle this issue, numerous ISPs have been directed to impose access blocks on TamilRockers. But this has made a lot of consumers angry and frustrated with the state of affairs.

We offer a list of functional TamilRockers mirror and proxy websites in this blog article. In essence, these are several URLs that lead to the same material that is available on the primary website. Thus, the new TamilRockers links (mirror sites) can be utilized to get around the block even if the main website is blocked in your location.

New TamilRockers Proxy Sites List (2024)

Many individuals used to download and watch movies, TV series, music, and videos from TamilRockers on a regular basis before ISPs disabled the website. It offers a simple and practical approach to get the newest entertainment stuff.

Here is a list of some of the most recent TamilRockers proxy sites that allow you to effortlessly access the site’s content even if you live in a nation where it is blocked.

TamilRockers Proxy Sites Status New Link Alternative New Domain Working
TamilRockers Alternatives Working Working
FMovies Alternative
123Movies Alternative Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline

TamilRockers Alternatives (2024)

TamilRockers Alternatives

There are a few other websites with comparable content if you’re looking for TamilRockers substitutes. Among the well-known ones are:

TamilRockers Mirror Sites To Unblock TamilRockers In 2024

All that mirror sites are is copies of the primary website, which is housed on a separate domain. It is equally accessible and offers the same content as the main website. You get the impression that you are on the main website when accessing these mirror sites.

The functional TamilRockers mirror sites (new domains) that you can use to see the information on this website are given below:

TamilRockers Mirror Sites Status New Link New Domain Alternative
TamilRockers Alternatives Working
123Movies Alternative
FMovies Alternative Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline Offline

What Exactly Is TamilRockers?

One of the largest networks in India for bootleg recordings is TamilRockers. Since its founding in 2011, it has grown in popularity as a place to download videos, TV series, music, and movies. It turns into a central location where users may download and see the newest entertainment material.

Since it’s a torrent service, users can share files with one other anywhere in the world via peer-to-peer technology. Thousands of people use the website every day to download their preferred films and movies. Users can choose from a vast array of content from many sources, such as both domestic and foreign movies.

Why Was TamilRockers Banned?

TamilRockers’ illicit activities led to its closure. It was enabling users to download movies ahead of their official release date and offering pirated content. Because individuals could now view movies online for free rather than paying to see them in theaters or purchase DVDs, this resulted in enormous losses for producers.

Can Government Also Ban TamilRockers Proxy Sites?

Yes, TamilRockers proxy sites are subject to government bans. Many nations and ISPs worldwide have prohibited TamilRockers since it is an unlawful activity. It indicates that users are unable to directly access the website or any of its associated material.

However, fresh TamilRockers domains or URLs are made available every day so that people can view the content. It is so challenging for the authorities and ISPs to find them all and prohibit them. Remember that downloading illegal content from TamilRockers proxy and mirror websites is not always safe because it can include spyware and dangerous code.

Unblock TamilRockers Through VPN

Using a VPN is thought to be the safest method for unblocking and accessing any website. With its assistance, you may get beyond geo-restrictions and visit even restricted websites, like TamilRockers.

By masking your IP address from ISPs, your traffic is channeled through an encrypted tunnel and eventually reaches the destination server when you use a VPN. Thus, in order to safely unblock TamilRockers, download and install a trustworthy VPN.

Unblock Any Blocked Site With The Help Of Tor Browser

The Tor browser is a great choice for unblocking websites as well. It is an open-source, free browser that offers privacy and anonymity when using the internet, much like a VPN.

You must do the following easy actions in order to use Tor to visit TamilRockers:

  1. Downloading the Tor Browser from the official website is the first step.
  2. To install it, extract the zip file after downloading it, then select “Next.”
  3. Open the Tor browser and join the Tor network after it has been installed.
  4. You can now visit any website, including TamilRockers, without encountering any limitations.


We hope that this guide has helped you better understand the various options you have for unblocking and accessing TamilRockers. With a VPN or Tor browser, new TamilRockers URLs or domains, TamilRockers proxy and mirror sites, or a VPN, you may access all of your favorite stuff.

Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy and this information is for educational purposes only.

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