Invoices are a central part of accounting , as businesses need to keep information about their sales and income for tax and accounting purposes. Consult our article to discover our advice on the subject as well as our free invoice template to download.

Mandatory legal document for any commercial transaction, an invoice must include a set of specific information. VAT rates, legal notices, contact details of the company and the customer are just as much information to include in order to comply with the regulations. in force. To ensure the compliance of your invoicing documents, different types of tools are available to you: an Excel/Word invoice template can serve as a customizable basis, as well as

invoicing software helps you automate and manage your invoicing processes.

In this article, discover our tips for managing invoicing as well as our free Excel/Word invoice template to download. Our model is particularly suitable for companies making a small number of invoices per month and will allow you, after entering some basic information, to perform automatic calculations and edit invoices for your customers.

How to make an excel invoice?

What information should be included on an invoice?

Here is some information that must appear on your invoice:

  • The full name and full address of your business
  • The project number
  • The date of the invoice
  • A unique invoice number
  • Your company’s tax identification number issued by the tax authorities or its VAT identification number
  • The quantity and description of the service provided
  • The performance period inherent in the service provided
  • Detailed amounts
  • The applicable tax rate
  • The final amount to be paid

When will you need invoicing software?

If you want to get a better overview of your customers, as well as all the items and invoices you issue, the option of using invoicing software is worth considering. Indeed, this type of software is intended to facilitate the management of companies that have a lot of products and customers.

The main advantages of invoicing software:

There are many advantages to using invoicing software. Find below a summary of the most important.

Registration of incoming payments

In invoicing software, you can record incoming invoice payments and thus keep an overview of invoices that have already been paid.

The reminder system

Billing software often has a reminder system for customers who do not pay on time. You can program it to automate payment reminders and create reminder letters. It will also allow you to set reminder fees, late payment interest and due dates.

Adding goods and services

All your goods and services can be integrated into the software. All you have to do is select those concerned by the invoice and add them when creating your excel invoice.

The customer database

The same goes for customers. Customer data can be saved and added to invoices quickly.

Automation of details

Invoicing software saves businesses time by automating the details.

Automation of invoice numbering

The invoicing software automatically assigns a consecutive invoice number and inserts the current date.

The integration

Another advantage of invoicing software is that it can easily be integrated with other systems, such as an accounting system or an online store. This type of software can therefore help you when you file your annual tax return, by consulting, for example, all the orders placed in your online store directly in your invoicing software.

How to find the right invoicing software?

Before making any decision, companies that are looking for a software adapted to their needs should ask themselves the following questions:

While waiting to find the billing program that suits them , companies can work with our Excel invoice template. We have also created other free templates intended to make life easier for businesses, and small structures in particular.

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