Our advice to help you choose the right treadmill!

As an athlete, you may have run on a treadmill at home or in the gym. As one of the best-selling fitness devices in the world, it offers many advantages. Today you have decided to get your own treadmill. To accompany you, we offer you a complete treadmill buying guide in order to buy without making a mistake.

In order to choose the right treadmill, you must take into account 10 major criteria :

> Running surface
> Cushioning system
> Motor power
> Screen and connectivity
> Storage
> Number of programs
> Maximum speed
> Incline and/or declination
> Maximum user weight
> The accessories


The treadmill has a motor for driving the treadmill. Thanks to the console, you can set the desired speed with a simple click. Some treadmills offer the option of tilting to simulate an incline or allow declination for descent. The difficulty can therefore be managed on several parameters in order to break the routine and make better progress .

The principle is to choose a treadmill according to your use .


Although the treadmill has the wind in its sails by offering immense possibilities, it is advisable to buy a product according to your objective. Indeed, in the context of rehabilitation for example, the treadmill is a relevant choice. It can be aimed at injured athletes as well as the elderly in order to remain physically active.

Thanks to a foldable function, the treadmill is as practical as it is economical. This fitness device makes it possible to meet WHO recommendations by practicing easily and without constraint 30 minutes of physical exercise per dayat moderate intensity. Indeed, walking offers a great opportunity to stay in shape or lose weight. Moreover, people in a situation of obesity also appreciate the treadmill in order to burn calories at their own pace.

Unlike a treadmill, a treadmill will offer you, for example, to walk without inclination at a speed ranging from 0.5 to 8 km / h . This attractively priced device is therefore ideal for anyone wishing to limit their effort to walking. Like a treadmill, the user console will allow you to closely monitor the distance traveled, the calories burned, your speed or the number of steps you take.


Each type of carpet corresponds to a particular need:

– A classic treadmill is suitable for the greatest number. It offers good value for money as well as a quality damping system. Its backlit console offers many training programs and you will have all the basic elements you need (water bottle holder, transport wheels, emergency stop in case of a fall).
– A foldable treadmill is designed for exercising in small spaces, especially in apartments. After your sports session, you can straighten it vertically so that your treadmill is as discreet as possible.
– A professional fitness machine is a high-end model. This treadmill has innovative elements such as a touch screen, high motor power and optimal comfort. As powerful as they are robust, these models are designed to stand the test of time and many uses. It is a long term sustainable investment. These heavy mats provide an excellent cushioning system to reduce joint trauma during your running sessions.


The power of the treadmill motor (expressed in peak and continuous) is an element to take into consideration when making your purchase.

– The peak power is used to determine the power on an ad hoc basis. The greater this power, the more responsive your fitness device will be in the acceleration phase. This is significant for your split sessions.
– The continuous power determines the constant power of the device, developed throughout the duration of your session.

For occasional use or fitness, a peak motor power of 2 HP will be sufficient. As part of a more regular and intense practice, we recommend a motor of at least 2.5 HP. Finally, it is not uncommon for professional models to exceed 3 HP. This makes it possible to gain in reactivity, even for large sizes.


Determining your goals and your sporting level will make it easier for you to choose your treadmill.


Do you plan to use your fitness device occasionally, regularly, intensively or professionally?

A treadmill allows you to develop your endurance and strengthen your muscles in the lower limbs and the abdominal strap. To choose the right treadmill, it is essential to identify your needs and objectives. On each product sheet, you will find the main characteristics of the device. Pay particular attention to the maximum speed, the maximum user weight or even the frequency of use. It is important that your sports goals are consistent with these indicators.


Do you plan to use your fitness device occasionally, regularly, intensively or professionally?

Generally, if your electric treadmill is intended to complement another sporting activity , it is for occasional use .
If used by the whole family or main activity , opt for a regular use mat like the Jaguar 2.0 from Moovyoo .
Finally, for the most addicted, intensive use will be expected.


Are you a beginner, intermediate or expert in running? Do you need a leisure mat to get back in shape or to prepare for a sports competition?
In this case, the performance in terms of maximum speed and inclination will have to hold your attention.
For leisure practice , the Trail 3 model from Fitness Doctor will be perfect. Allowing you to run up to 16 km/h, this foldable treadmill also provides two levels of manual incline to allow you to increase the difficulty over the workouts.



With regard to your morphology , it is the running surface criteria , maximum user weight and cushioning that should be of close interest to you.

The taller you are, the larger the running surface you will need to look for. Indeed, an athlete of 1.80 m will have a longer stride than an individual of 1.50 m. In fact, beyond 1 m 80, favor running surfaces greater than 120 cm long. The larger the running surface, the more comfortable your fitness mat will be since you won’t have to worry about your support.
On the other hand, the wider the running surface, the more comfortable you will be running. It is preferable to have a space adapted to its size to “not trip over the carpet”.

However, if you want a larger running surface for more ease, you will easily find what you are looking for thanks to our wide selection of mid-range treadmills.

The maximum user weight is clearly mentioned on the product sheet. Some professional treadmills like the Alaska model from Heubozen can support up to 150 kg because these models have strong cushioning. The cushioning should be flexible for people who are overweight or in the context of rehabilitation . Soft cushioning best preserves your joints by absorbing repeated shocks more effectively. Finally, cushioning should be rather firm if you are looking for performance . Like running shoes, firmer cushioning will allow you to better reflect your stride.
Some treadmills allow you to adjust the cushioning according to your goal.



Owning a treadmill will inevitably improve the way you exercise . Thanks to the absence of weather constraints, you can plan a training program and follow it to the letter, without any problems .
From a safety point of view, a treadmill has no equal in respecting your joints for example. In addition, whether you are at home or in an apartment, the foldable and silent treadmill will give you the opportunity to train discreetly.

In this part, we have listed 10 criteria to consider when choosing the best treadmill. However, depending on your objective, your level or your morphology, you should pay particular attention to certain essential criteria. We are thinking of the size of the running surface, the cushioning, the inclination or even the frequency of use.

Deliberately, we have not mentioned the after-sales service guarantee, the robustness, the solidity or the longevity of your home fitness equipment. It’s simple, at EnduranceTreadmills, all our products are carefully selected. No need to compromise on quality based on your budget. From the most economical model to the most high-tech, all will bring you complete satisfaction in order to last year after year.


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