You have a construction project but don’t know where to start to plan it and even less to estimate it?

Do you have many questions that remain unanswered?

How to make an informed decision about your project and above all respect your budget if you do not have answers to questions such as:

  • How many materials do I need to build my patio?
  • What is the difference between the price of an assembled shed and a build-it-yourself shed? 
  • Where should I place the piles and how should I build the structure of the engineered wood beams above to properly carry the loads of a patio, a shed, a cottage or an extension of home ?
  • Which floor covering should I choose: treated wood, cedar or composite?
  • Which siding should I choose and at what cost? Vinyl, stained wood or fiber cement?
  • How many 2x6x8 do I need for garage wall studs?
  • How many and what types of joists should I plan for the floor of my home addition project?
  • How much does a storage or habitable or cathedral roof cost?
  • How to design wall insulation? With an R5 “foam” and an R20 insulating wool?

Faced with such questions, some construction professionals could accompany you and allow you to think carefully about the challenges of your project. The ultimate goal for you is to obtain a complete and detailed list of the quantities and unit prices of all your materials in addition to being well informed of the related services to help you carry out your project. Finally, throughout your planning and your estimate, you should also be able to be informed of the different types of materials and the different construction methods to make the best possible choices.

An easy-to-use web and mobile estimating app

The Virtual Constructor gives you the opportunity to make informed and judicious choices that will help you stay within your budget. With this interactive estimation software you will be able to obtain your preliminary plans. You will be able to adjust and modify the dimensions of your project, choose and compare different types of exterior siding and several other components.

From the first moments, this online application plans and estimates the cost of your project. With each click, everything changes, such as the list of materials, the quantities of items, the services necessary for the construction of the project, which respects industry standards.

Unlike online submission forms which offer the description of your project by simply entering a text field of a few words, the Virtual Builder calculates the quantities and its prices for each modification you make to your project.

Whether it’s your future garage, patio, shed, cottage, extension or new house to be built. This interactive application is directly linked in real time to the price lists of participating hardware stores and materials merchants. It recalculates all the necessary quantities such as wood, insulation, siding, piles, shingles, membranes, plywood, etc.

Enlarge or reduce the width, depth, slope of the roof. Modify your building from one to two stories. Compare a cathedral or habitable or simple storage roof, as well as vinyl siding, wood or even concrete or pile foundations. Visualize your patio with or without a pergola, with centered or corner stairs or validate your choice of flooring.

Have fun creating preliminary plans yourself. Choose a plan model from our vast catalog of new houses to build. Then save several versions to better validate your budget and make the right choices according to the type of project you dream of and which will respect your financial means.

These are all the results that a request for quotation written and obtained in good and due form should allow you to achieve to guide you in the realization of your project. A precise and complete list of products and services needed for construction with suggestions for new products at the best prices on the market.

The Virtual Builder is not an application that approximates projects by the square foot. It is a calculation tool which specifies the real quantities, the real market prices according to the seasons and the regions where you estimate your construction project.


Choose one of the starter models and have fun changing its dimensions and components. Then when you’re ready, request a quote. Our participating hardware stores and merchants will be happy to answer your questions and invite you to come and meet them in store so that you can finalize your choice of materials according to current trends and your personal tastes.

Good build!

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