Emily Chalker (nee Smith), is an Australian field hockey player. She was selected to represent Australia at the 2016 Summer Olympics, 2012 Summer Olympics and 2020 Summer Olympics.

Chalker was born 28 July 1992 in Crookwell (New South Wales) and is originally from the Southern Tablelands region. After attending St Mary’s Primary School, Chalker went on to Crookwell High School. She deferred her admissions to the University of New South Wales, where she will majorin Exercise Physiology. After moving to Sydney in 2011, she moved to Perth, Western Australia, where she currently resides.

Chalker was a Crookwell junior hockey player. She was a field hockey scholar at both the Australian Institute of Sport and the New South Wales Institute of Sport. She is a player for the NSW Arrows of the Australian Hockey League. Her shirt number 3 is hers. She played club hockey for the Crookwell golf club, ANU and Park Panthers.

Emily Chalker Birthday

Australian Emily Chalker, the best Field-Hockey Player Birthday date is Tuesday, July 28, 1992.

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