Curling  involves sliding stones on an ice sheet towards a target area that is divided into four concentric circles. Curling originate in Canada.  It is similar to shuffleboard and boules. Each team has four players and there are two teams. The stones can be thrown across an ice sheet to the house. Each player will throw two stones from each team. Each team has eight stones. The object of the game is to accumulate maximum points. Points are earned for stones placed closest to the center of the house at each end. Both teams must have thrown all eight stones at once. A game is usually composed of eight or ten endings.

By causing the stone’s slide to slow rotate, the player can create a curve, also known as curl. Two sweepers using brushes or brooms can influence the path of the rock by accompanying it on its slide down the sheet. The sweepers then sweep the ice in the front of it. “Sweeping rocks” reduces friction. This makes the stone travel straighter (with less curl), and farther. There are many factors that go into selecting the right path and placing a stone for every situation. The curlers’ skills determine how successful the stone will be. Let see some Important rules of curling.

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