The steps to sell a property require good organization and sometimes even good preparation. From the definition of the price, through the sales strategy to the signing of a compromise, several steps follow one another.

What are the steps to sell a property?

Selling your property is not always easy. A dwelling in which we have lived for several years, we are keen on it and we hope to get a good price for it. But selling is above all about making a new start by changing housing. Whether it’s a professional or personal change, the need to have an extra room to accommodate a new child or even the desire to buy bigger, the sale of a property like Dream Design Property often takes several month. This is why it is better to prepare your sale and your strategy well.

Step 1: The decision to put on sale

The first step to selling is of course the decision to put on sale. At this stage of your project, you will have to choose a way to sell by answering the question: do you want to sell on your own or with real estate agencies?

Step 2: Estimation of the selling price

Next, you will need to set your selling price based on the value of your property. To estimate the price , it is recommended to contact real estate agencies in your area. Several estimates will help you know at what price your property can sell. By contacting agencies, you can also get an idea of ​​their responsiveness and professionalism. After analyzing the properties sold in your residence or in your neighborhood and studying the estimates of real estate agents, you can define your price.

Step 3: Listing

Before putting your ad online and making visits, you will need to prepare the sale . This step can save you time to sell. To prepare for the sale, it is advisable to repair defective equipment, repaint faded walls, declutter rooms, put away overcrowded decoration, etc. You will also have to prepare all the key documents for your sale , in particular the mandatory real estate diagnostics , invoices and taxes in order to inform your future buyers.

Step 4: The real estate ad

For your real estate ad , the photographs will be very important. They will be the first link with the buyers. Photos taken in broad daylight with good light will sell better than photos taken on a stormy day or with shutters closed. If you choose to sell with a real estate agent, they will most often take care of the photos. If you are selling alone, remember to properly frame your shots and avoid blurry photos. The photos are nice, but they are not the only important element of the announcement. A lot of information must be indicated in the ad . In the case of a sale of a lot in joint ownership, the announcement must for example indicate: the number of lots, the state of the procedures in the joint ownership and the amount of the charges.

Step 5: Real estate visits

Do you have a potential buyer? That’s great ! Now, don’t miss the fast. Remember to prepare all the documents on the state of the accommodation, for example the diagnoses, in order to answer his questions. It is also important to store the property well and to clean it so as not to give a bad impression to your potential buyers. Note that virtual tours are possible!

Step 6: Negotiation and the promise of sale

A buyer made you an offer? That’s very good news. And even if the offer is not at the price, you can negotiate higher. Negotiation is common in real estate, especially if the property has some defects. If you received an offer at the price , even better. All you have to do is sign a compromise or a promise with your buyer.

Step 7: Signature of the authentic deed

Between the signing of the compromise and the signing of a deed of sale at a notary, it can happen 3 to 4 months. A period that allows you to pack your bags and find new accommodation. The signing of the authentic deed at the notary marks the end of your sales project and the beginning of a new adventure…


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