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Selfie Poses For Boys

If your child has a cell phone and wants to show off to his friends, here are some cool selfie poses for boys. Extend his neck outward and lift his mobile over his head. Using the Rule of Thirds can help, too. And make sure to follow the safety tips on your device! You can also use a Bluetooth selfie stick, instead of a wired one. This way, your son won’t be tempted to snap a photo of himself with his hand on his phone!

Side profile body shot

A side profile body shot is a great way to show off a boy’s muscles. Taking this shot can be challenging, but it is also a great way to get the most out of your photographer’s creativity. The main idea here is to get both of the subject’s eyes in the frame while not blocking any of their faces. To make it easier for the photographer to achieve this look, the subject should lean forward slightly, with the photographer’s elbows resting on the knees. The photographer should then lean over and take the shot straight down.

Two-handed pose

A two-handed selfie gives off a relaxed and playful vibe. To avoid double chin, the boy should look up or arch his neck. The stance also frames the face naturally. Boys’ bodies are generally more athletic, so the pose is an excellent choice for them. And if they’re nervous about taking a selfie, the physical support can help them relax their shoulders. However, before the picture shoot, boys should learn the rules of composition. To make the image more visually pleasing, you can use the rule of thirds.

For beginners, this is the perfect pose to practice. But if you have a larger phone, you may find it difficult to click the shutter button or block the lens. So, take a couple of practice shots in cool locations and experiment with a two-handed selfie pose. Try taking photos of the same subject, but with two hands. If you want to take a really cool photo, consider a location with a nice backdrop.

Another fun and unique pose for boys is a mirror selfie. You can place the mirror facing the front camera so that you can see your own reflection. This will give you a cheeky look! It also makes it easier to take a selfie with a camera. But, if you don’t want to use a mirror, you can also try the water selfie. Just make sure you place the flash properly.


While smoking is not good for your health, it is an interesting selfie prop. You can make smoke with your mouth before clicking the selfie, and then release the smoke after the photo has been clicked. Smoking selfie poses for boys are fun to take with a variety of different backgrounds. To make this look realistic, you can try a few different ways to create smoke. If you are not a smoker, you can still learn how to make smoke and then set a timer before taking your photo.

To get the best out of this pose, the model should be seated. If you are standing, you can try standing, but if you’re short, you can use a park bench. Lastly, try different distances and angles for this selfie to achieve the best result. These are only a few ideas for smoking selfie poses for boys. But whatever poses you choose, be sure to have fun! If your subject doesn’t want to stand up, try smoking while looking into the camera.

Standing poses are great for tall subjects. These simple poses require no accessories and can be done anywhere. But remember that standing stiffly is not an impressive Selfie pose, so make sure you lean on one foot. Then, put your hands in the pockets of his trousers. Another way to take a good Selfie is to smile or look away from the camera. Just remember to use fun filters and apply a face patch to cover up any flaws on your face.

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Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is an important composition principle for taking photographs. It helps to balance the elements in a photo, so that each is proportional to the rest of the image. Using this rule is also important for taking boys selfies, because it avoids having them look bored or strained. For example, if your son smiles in a selfie, it will come across as genuine and fun.

There are a few times when the rule of thirds isn’t the best composition, but generally speaking, it will help make the photos look more interesting. When the subject and the background have some symmetry, such as in a landscape shot, breaking the rule is acceptable. For example, in a portrait shot, a better composition will occur when the horizon is shifted slightly off center. This will result in the peak of the reflected object being closer to the bottom edge of the photo than the top.

The rule of thirds can be used for almost any type of photography. It helps photographers balance their images and capture the subject in a pleasing way. This composition guideline is effective for all types of photographs, but especially for self-portraits. The goal is to get the subject’s eyes in the center or at least close to it. For example, if you are photographing a boy, you should consider using the rule of thirds when taking a picture of him.


If you are looking for some unique photo poses for boys, look no further than these tips! Pose your boy in the best way possible to capture the love of his life! Here are some ideas that will help you create the perfect selfie! The most important rule when taking a selfie: do not make your boy look bored or strained. Instead, make sure he is having fun and shows genuine emotion in his face. You can create these poses using simple props that your boy is sure to love.

Try forcing perspective photography to create optical illusions in your photos. A well-executed forced perspective photo makes even small objects appear much larger than they actually are. A simple way to get a funny result is to place a toy dinosaur in the foreground of the frame. Then, have him pose with fear and he’ll look life-size! To create this funny photo, you can use a white bedsheet or blanket.

If you’re using your phone to take selfies, you can use selfie props to make the photos more memorable. If your boy isn’t too comfortable with posing in a particular way, try using a selfie backdrop, such as a custom step-and-repeat. You can also experiment with different backdrops, and try different poses to find the one that works for your son. In addition to using props, you can also use your phone’s camera to take photos with a camera that can capture the perfect moment.


One of the easiest ways to improve the lighting for your selfies is to use natural lighting. This type of lighting is free and accessible to everyone. Natural lighting is best at certain times of the day, and professional photographers have dubbed this time the “golden hour,” when the sun is the brightest and the most flattering. To take advantage of this natural light, plan your shoot for that time of day. If possible, try to take your selfies at this time, because you’ll get better lighting.

The lighting in a bathroom is tricky. To take better selfies, open the window or use a ring light. The lighting is important because it will make the boy’s features appear larger. Aim to position the camera about 3/4 of the way from the boy’s face. Avoid putting him on his tummy, because that will make the nose look larger than the ears. You can also get away with the executioner look by holding the phone at a distance.

If you’re looking for a more creative way to capture a boy’s face, try using a selfie stick or another camera that can be placed in an unobtrusive spot. A selfie stick can be used to capture a variety of angles, and a good camera will automatically make your boy look cool. This method has become extremely popular among young boys, and it is a fun way to add a little personality to your feed. You’ll also want to install an app that allows you to edit the photos in Photoshop. You can apply fun filters, hide imperfections, and fine tune your selfie game.

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