A massage device to relieve your feet

For those who are standing for long hours, the end of the day is often synonymous with painful feet and legs.

Whether it’s just massaging, invigorating, unwinding or relaxing, the foot massager can be the solution to your ailments.

Models offering beyond the massage, a heated bath through the devices delivering a massage of the lower legs, or more simply some plantar manipulations, the least we can say is that it is not the missing choice!

Most models also have several modes and intensities to ensure good recovery and blood circulation.

For all budgets, tastes and desires, we have selected a few products for you so that you can make a more informed choice on your next home massager.

Our selection of the best models (September 2022)

The comparison of the best models

1 – Snailax foot massager

Snailax foot massager


The Snailax brand specializes in the marketing of mats, mattresses and massage heads. Here it is an ergonomically designed foot massage machine with massage nodes to give you complete relaxation. The device has a control panel that allows you to simply adjust the machine and choose the mode, intensity and level of heating that suits you. It comes with a storage bag. Note, finally, that the product can also be used for your back massages.

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Consumer opinion

The general opinion is that the product is very pleasant and very practical to use. First, many note and highlight its ease of use: an on/off button, a button allowing you to select the massage mode and a last one to adjust the intensity, nothing could be simpler! In addition, according to many, it helps to loosen heavy legs or knotted feet. Many people note that its use is just as effective on the lower back. The product seems durable.

The strong points The weak spots
  • Price
  • Suitable for massaging the back and feet
  • Practicality of the device (light, thin – supplied with a storage/transport cover)
  • 3 optional modes, 3 intensity levels and 2 heat levels
  • Quiet operation
  • Ease of use


  • Fewer possibilities than competing products

Editorial review

In our opinion, considering the price, the product has a number of advantages. First, and probably most important, we find it effective. Indeed, it has helped us considerably to loosen our feet, as well as our backs. You are allowed to adjust the speed and intensity of the massage. Also, from a design point of view, the product is quite thin which allows you to place it behind your back when you are quite on a chair or even in the sofa. Obviously, the product does not have as many features as competing products, but ideal if you are looking for a way to relieve the feeling of heavy legs after a hard week at work.

2 – Triducna foot massager


Triducna specializes in the development and marketing of electric massagers. She offers you this foot massager. The article has 3 levels of different intensities, with also the possibility of modulating the massage intensity by kneading as well as air compression. In addition, this massage device has a heat function and a programmable timer for a duration of 15 or 30 minutes.

Consumer opinion

Reviews are positive about this Triducna foot massager. The device appeals primarily because of its ease of use, its design and its functionality. Its operation by pressotherapy is pleasant and above all effective for those who use it after a run, for example. On the other hand, many still note some downsides. The product is considered noisy and the heating mode is light, and even insufficient according to the statements of several users.

The strong points The weak spots
  • Aesthetic
  • Ease of maintenance (removable and washable footrests)
  • Timer function (15 or 30 minutes)
  • Different modes (possibility to modulate massage intensity, air pressure or temperature)
  • Ease of use
  • Suitable up to size 45


  • Price

Editorial review

On our side, we appreciated this foot massager from the Triducna brand. First of all, the design is dark, in black the device is discreet but elegant. In terms of use, the system is child’s play. The control panel located on the top is intuitive and allows you to program it according to your desires. The intensities and pressures are variable, it’s perfect! Maintenance is quick and easy. In short, you will find with joy, in the evening after a long day of work, this product to relax, you just have to hope that it is able to last and resist over time!

3 – Renpho foot massager


The Renpho brand offers a wide range of health and wellness products and accessories. In particular, it offers you this electric foot massager, available in two colors. The product is equipped with rotation balls, rolling sticks, heating function (can be used independently) and air compression. The product has a touch panel on the top and a remote control for you to control it easily. It incorporates 3 modes combining different massage and pressure intensities.

Consumer opinion

Reviews of this foot massager from Renpho are quite positive. First, the product is appreciated for its functionality. The rollers and massage balls allow you to work in depth and release tension. On the other hand, many people also appreciate the fact that they can separate the functions. Also, the proposed modes are considered correct. In addition, the device is considered practical: it is relatively light and therefore easy to move. In addition, we finally note that the device is easy to clean.

The strong points The weak spots
  • Aesthetics (black design – elegant appearance)
  • Different functions (rotating balls, rolling sticks, heating function, air compression)
  • Able to fit up to size 46
  • 3 modes available
  • Possibility of programming the extinction of the device after 15 or 30min
  • Removable fabric cover for spill-free use


  • Price

Editorial review

As far as we are concerned, the product convinced us. The features are quite numerous: you can enjoy a deep massage while enjoying a warm, invigorating bath. The controls are simple, the use of the accessory is intuitive thanks to its panel and its remote control. Quite often, foot massagers splash and tend to get water all over the place. Thanks to its design, a fabric cover prevents splashing. Ultimately, even if the product is a little more expensive than competing devices, it provides a correct, even good performance.

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