To choose a moving company, it is recommended to consult the prices of several companies and to request several quotes. We give you all the tips.

A serious company is a company that will give you a detailed quote and offer you quality services.

Currently, there are many companies specializing in the transport and removal of all types of furniture or objects, whether national, international, specialized, etc.

In general, it is recommended to consult the prices of at least three companies and check what guarantees they offer such as, for example, their membership in a known organization or network.

The importance of requesting a quote

To choose the moving company that suits your needs, it is important to ask for several quotes . All quotes are not valid and justified and, therefore, rely only on quotes that take into account all the elements to be moved , the distances and the particularities of your personal case. And above all, don’t be fooled by good plans and hire a moving company that offers guarantees.

The employees who will have come to your home to give you the estimate will determine which is the best exit for the household appliances and large volume furniture (windows, balconies, main door, etc.) and will estimate the hours of work required, the weight furniture and, most importantly, where they will park the moving truck. It is advisable to reserve a location in the street in advance, for example.

To make the estimate , it is necessary to take into account the various and varied aspects, such as the origin and the destination of the move , local, national, international, the type of furniture , old, large effects, etc., the work necessary to carry out , the mode of transport , air, sea, road, and the dates of the realization because the prices vary according to the season, high or low , and if you move during the weekend.

How to Avoid “Pirate” Companies?

A moving company must meet the requirements established by law for the sector, be registered in the municipal register and have liability and goods insurance.

There are many “pirate” companies in the removals sector, which is why quotes by telephone without prior visit should be avoided and you should also be wary of too low prices which, only in appearance, would be a bargain. A high percentage of large moving companies are “ghost” companies and some of them offer various types of transport and delivery as well as small removals.

You can choose an approved moving contract , if you need more guarantees but if the data of the moving company, the inventory, the route, the moving date and the price appear on the estimate, that is enough.

It is also important that an inventory of the belongings to be transported appears on the contract , to confirm that everything is correct before signing the contract and to avoid discrepancies, in case something is missing on arrival.

Even though the majority of companies ask for an advance payment, the law does not require you to give a sum of money until the service is completed. In general, it is best to come to an agreement between the parties involved. The customer could, for example, give an advance when signing the contract. In this case, you must add a document for the revision of the goods to the signature of the delivery invoice and keep a copy of the delivery note for possible complaints once the moving house finished.

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