Do you want to develop and beautify your garden to enjoy it? To succeed in your project, it is better to build it in stages. From the realization of the plan to the choice of garden furniture, through the realization of the various arrangements, the installation of equipment and decorations, here is our advice.

The garden is a place of relaxation par excellence. Furnishing it well means not only finding decorative ideas but also making it functional . For this, it is advisable to arrange the available space according to your needs. You thus create a tailor-made, aesthetic garden, in accordance with your tastes and which looks like you.

The layout of the garden involves organizing the space you have available according to your expectations. To carry out your project, from the design of the exteriors to the completion of the work, here are the steps to follow:

  •  Make a plan of your future garden
  •  Build the fence and access to the property
  •  Arrange the terrace adjoining the house
  •  Realize the different spaces of the garden
  •  Make the paths and alleys of the garden
  •  Equip and decorate the exteriors

Make a plan of your future garden

To do this, take a pen and a checkered sheet. Start sketching your future corner of paradise. No need to be an architect to do it, a simple diagram is enough. However, be sure to keep the proportions . Delineate the essential spaces:

  • The fence and the gate
  • The terrace and the lawn
  • The games corner
  • The swimming pool
  • Trees, shrubs, clumps
  • Flowerbeds, borders and dividing hedges
  • Garden pond and fountain
  • garden furniture

In this diagram, the various elements of the Home landscape are to be represented summarily, but always to scale. Take care to draw shrubs and trees to their full size. Think about organizing the space in the most functional way possible.

Your plan in hand, go around the land several times if necessary, so you can observe the consistency of your garden development project. Make the corrections or improvements that you deem useful, until you obtain the final plan.

Build the fence and access to the property

The delimitation of the property is a point not to be overlooked. The portal pillars, the gate and the entrance gate must be in harmony with the style of your house. Also consider wind resistance. Indeed, solid gates should be avoided in exposed areas.

Also consult the local urban plan (PLU) of your municipality and take the necessary steps. To delimit your property, you have the choice between several options:

  • Flexible or rigid mesh , economical solution, delimits the space in a simple way. Rigid panels are more robust and aesthetic, but also more expensive than rolls of flexible, braided or welded mesh.
  • Boundary hedge ,plant a hedge is usually done after a fence has been put up. These two means of separation are indeed complementary. When planting, be careful to leave the spaces between plants and before the fence, consistent with their adult size.
  • Surrounding wall , this solution is effective and requires less maintenance than a hedge. Indeed, a simple cleaning of the wall every 2 or 3 years and that’s it! However, this option is the most expensive and, from an aesthetic point of view, the “fortress” side may leave something to be desired.

Arrange the terrace adjoining the house

The terrace is part of the continuity of the house. Well laid out, it becomes a privileged space: pleasant and outdoors, it is the perfect place to enjoy sunny days! To successfully develop it, determine the area to be built . Size it according to your needs, possibilities of realization and possible constraints.

Avoid over sizing or reducing your terrace too much. Determine its size based on several parameters:

  • number of people , space to install a garden table with 4, 6 or 8 seats;
  • the location for the garden furniture and the number of armchairs;
  • the barbecue, to choose fixed in robust materials or in stainless steel and with wheels to be able to move it;
  • the wood-fired oven, to be placed in a permanent place, leaning against a wall or not;
  • the installation of an arbor, a blind, or even a pergola, to protect against bad weather and the sun.

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Realize the different spaces of the garden

The garden and exteriors have various locations for specific uses . Depending on the presence or absence of children, the desire to have a vegetable garden, flower beds, a swimming pool, a relaxation area or not, the spaces to be developed are as follows:

  • The play area, for children and teenagers, provide space to install, among other relaxation equipment , trampoline, slide, swing, a sandbox for the little ones.
  • The vegetable garden, to plant your own vegetables, avoid places that are too shady, prefer a place sufficiently exposed to the sun . Do not forget the compost bin to have an organic fertilizer.
  • The garden pond, to have a soothing place to observe and take care of aquatic plants and fish in this privileged place in the garden.
  • Massif and flowerbeds, these arrangements bring joy and color to the garden. Opt for massifs embellished with pebbles and decorative gravel is an interesting option.
  • The shelter or hut, essential for storing your garden tools . Think of build your garden shed to make it even more comfortable and functional.
  • The pool, whether it is an in ground pool, an in ground or semi-in ground kit pool, choose the best location possible. Also think about the equipment needed for its installation.

Make the paths and alleys of the garden and exteriors

The different sectors of the garden must be connected to each other. Depending on the exterior spaces, the construction of pedestrian walk ways is always a plus for a garden. However, it is important to draw them in an intuitive and functional way. Think about how you would spontaneously get from one point to another and build your layout accordingly.

Installation of a lawn is equally important. If you want to limit the paths to reserve more space for the lawn, you can lay Japanese steps in addition. They are both practical and aesthetic.

For access to the property from the portal , you have several options. You can, among other possibilities:make a gravel driveway, lay cobblestones or asphalt.

Equip and decorate the exteriors

It is important to decorate the paths, flowerbeds and flowerbeds with borders and various decorations . For sloping land, here are some ways to retain soil:

  • concrete or stone palisades, with these materials  installed vertically and sealed to the ground;
  • the mgabi on walls, these are metal cages enclosing suitable gravel , they are easy to assemble;
  • the hollow concrete blocks, placed sealed, they combine support and flowering by allowing the realization of a real green wall;
  • the wooden logs, to be chosen treated and well sized , they are aesthetic and functional.

Another aspect that should not be neglected is the lighting of the garden . LED bulbs and strips, spotlights, functional and decorative lighting, mains powered or solar provide aesthetics and safety.

Statuettes, garden gnomes and other decorations are all options for embellishing the garden. The choice is wide, something to satisfy all tastes.

Other devices are just as interesting for enjoying the garden and the surrounding nature, these are feeders , nesting boxes or even insect hotels.

Without forgetting to choose and install a garden fountain near games for example, to refresh or quench your thirst, for drinking water models. And, for a touch of originality, the sundials add a timeless aspect to their undeniable decorative effect.

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