Lover of online games, you are looking for a laptop for gaming. T-Gear accompanies you in your choice and helps you in your selection. Between 15-inch laptop or 17-inch laptop , equipped with a powerful processor and a hard drive with a large storage capacity, the gaming laptop must be heavily equipped to support the constant demand on resources and speed of calculation. Here are the different steps to make your purchase a success.

Choose a laptop with a screen of at least 15 inches

Step 1: Choosing a laptop with a 15-inch screen is the minimum. Smaller laptop screens are not suitable for online gaming. This is not a question of computer power, but of screen size and playing comfort.

If your budget allows, choose a 17-inch laptop screen. You will benefit from a larger playing surface and a more readable screen display.

Choose a high-end graphics card

Step 2: A gaming laptop must absolutely be equipped with a high-end graphics card. The suite of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 20-series or 30-series graphics cards will give you all the display power you need for smooth gaming, without any stuttering or slowing down.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards are based on the most advanced display-to-screen GPU architecture. You will benefit from the ultimate image experience by the combination of ray tracing cores and DLSS 2.0, which is based on artificial intelligence technology. These AMD Radeon NVIDIA Geforce RTX graphics cards equip Asus Rog gaming laptops.

Install at least an i5 processor

Step 3: Install at least an Intel Core i5 processor. The more powerful your processor, the better the computing speed of your gaming laptop. This processor is today, with the Ryzen 7, the internal component necessary to guarantee computing power adapted to the game. Some gaming laptops are now equipped with an i7 or even i9 or Ryzen 9 processor for even better results.

RAM: 16 GB or 32 GB

4th step: the RAM hosts the processor’s calculations in an ultra-fast way. This memory must therefore be large enough not to slow down the machine and to support the computing power of the processor. This is why T-Gear recommends that you install a 16 GB or 32 GB RAM in your gaming laptop .

Data storage: 512 GB or more

Step 5: The hard drive of gaming laptops is made up of an all-electronic SSD drive. Equipped with a flash memory chip, this hard disk no longer supports the slowdowns of the HDD hard disk with internal mechanism and reading head. For your gaming laptop, choose a machine equipped with an SSD hard drive with at least 512 GB. You will be able to store all your data there without fear of filling up your disk too quickly. Also remember that you always have the option of increasing your storage by adding an external SSD hard drive if your gaming laptop PC does not have a second slot in its case.

Gaming keyboard and mouse

6th step: the gaming keyboard and mouse are essential for a gaming force adapted to the current world of gaming. Manufacturers of video game laptops systematically install a keyboard suitable for gaming: resistant keys, backlighting for nighttime gaming and additional function buttons for recording your macros.

The mouse is still sold separately. Choose it carefully. It must include additional buttons dedicated to the game and very often has a more aggressive shape than a classic mouse. It’s also backlit for nighttime gaming.

The connectivity of the gaming laptop

7th step: the connectivity of the gaming laptop PC takes on its full importance when you are a fan of gaming. Check that the number of USB ports is sufficient to accommodate your keyboard, your mouse, but also a printer or a scanner.

Your gaming PC should also be equipped with a reader for different cards, a headphone socket and an RJ45 + HDMI socket to allow you to take advantage of a fast internet network.

The sound of your gaming laptop

Step 8: The sound of your gaming laptop is an important step. Choose an internal stereo sound card with quality connectors. You’ll plug in your speakers and shouldn’t hear any extraneous noise. The laptop case can also be equipped with subwoofers for perfect sound reproduction.

The connectors of your microphone will preferably be linked to an advanced management table for your sound equipment, such as, for example, a table for adjusting the microphone and the various loudspeakers and subwoofers.

A high-definition screen for a gaming laptop PC

9th step: here we have arrived at the last step of T-Gear’s recommendations for the purchase of your future gaming laptop: the screen. Manufacturers know the close connection between the graphics card and the screen. Thus the definition of the screen of a PC gamer is always studied very carefully. Your machine must therefore be equipped with a screen with the highest possible refresh time.

The panel of your gaming laptop PC may be of IPS quality which excels in color reproduction and offers a very good level of contrast. The response rate has been greatly improved on these panels and is no longer a handicap for gamers. Some manufacturers of gaming laptops also equip their computers with 4K screens for an even more dazzling gaming experience.

What budget for a gaming laptop?

The budget for a gaming laptop is always high, since the components installed are adapted to the current gaming speed. High screen resolution, ultra-fast processor, high storage and RAM capacity, everything is done to satisfy your gaming session.

Thus, you can equip yourself with a portable gaming PC from €1,500. Note that for a gaming laptop the average budget is more around 2,000 €, or even much more for really high-end machines.


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