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If you’re interested in becoming an Audible audiobook narrator, there are a few things to keep in mind. ACX projects will be on Audible for seven years, and producers will be judging your skills based on how many titles you’ve narrated. While short titles may look impressive, they’ll send a negative message to producers. Remember that they’re paying you royalties and not a salary.

Audible Approved Producers pay acx audiobook narrator

As an Audible Approved Producer (AAP), you will be able to choose which books you’d like to narrate and how much you’d like to earn. Once you’ve selected a story and created an ACX profile, you can begin the production process. ACX works with authors to create a project, which you’ll upload to their site. Once it’s finished, you’ll need to upload your audio files to their platform, where you can hear and request changes. Once they’ve approved your work, you’ll be able to pay the narrator per finished hour.

If you’re interested in becoming an ACX audiobook narrator, there are several benefits to becoming one. First, Audible’s acclaimed brand will help you find new opportunities and gigs. Second, ACX projects will appear on Audible for seven years. You can increase your earnings by adding the Audible Approved Producer tag to your ACX profile.

ACX’s Pay for Production program pays a narrator 50% of royalties on each sold audiobook. ACX also pays an hourly rate to its audiobook narrators, which is usually around $50 per finished hour. ACX also promotes its books on its website, newsletter, and social media accounts. This way, you can earn extra money while promoting your story.

As an ACX audiobook narrator, you can receive a bonus for signing up as a new customer. You’ll need to sign up on the platform and provide information about your book as well as a sample of your work for audition. A bonus will be credited to your account when you sign up as a member. You’ll receive a monthly royalty statement and will be paid from Audible via direct deposit. Additionally, you can use your Sales Dashboard to keep track of your income.

The Payment Conditions stipulate how ACX will pay you. It could include payment to an independent paymaster, guild, or union. All payments made to ACX users are subject to the Payment Conditions, which are posted on ACX as of the Deal Confirmation Page. Aside from the royalties, you’ll also receive payment for beta-testing the audiobook.

Audible does not pay acx audiobook narrator

The main difference between Audible and ACX is the royalty structure. With Audible, narrators are paid a fixed payment, which is typically $50, while with ACX, they are paid a royalty share. The royalty share allows authors and narrators to split royalties 50/50. For the record, Audible only pays narrators if they complete their contract and the ACX contract is exclusive.

ACX contracts require narrators to indicate their hourly rate, as well as a deadline for the finished product. They also require that narrators provide a full manuscript and a recording studio, or they can upload the file themselves. Audible is part of Amazon, so the ACX dashboard is a good resource for those interested in narrating an audiobook. To find an ACX project, go to Completed Projects, select a book, and choose the Produce Audiobook tab. Click Download on the right-hand side to download the audio files.

The ACX reporting system also reveals details of returns, and these will be reflected in monthly financial statements starting in March 2021. This means that Audible will not pay an author a decent amount of money if the book isn’t sold well. Audible, on the other hand, has been making minimal investment in the ACX interface since 2011. Consequently, it has no incentive to offer a better deal than what they are currently paying.

While this is disappointing for authors, narrators can still make decent money from their work by producing their audiobooks through other platforms. In fact, many authors are now converting their audiobooks to non-ACX platforms and some have even stopped production altogether. Because most audiobook distributors use ACX, they are likely to use the boilerplate ACX contract. If you produce your audiobook elsewhere, you will face the same sales earnings and losses from returns.

When signing up for an ACX contract, be sure to understand what rights you have to the audiobook. If the book does not have exclusive ACX rights, the author will need to obtain the publisher’s permission to continue distribution. If you are unsure, contact the author or publisher and ask them to check. Otherwise, it’s best to contact the publisher or author and request a refund.

Audible pays acx audiobook narrator royalties

If you’re considering narrating an audiobook, you may be wondering if Audible pays a royalty to narrators. While royalty shares don’t guarantee a large income, they can help a new author earn some cash. While Audible doesn’t pay royalties on every audiobook, a narrator can earn up to $100 per finished hour.

Currently, ACX is the third-largest audiobook distributor, behind only Amazon and iTunes. However, the Allocation Factor, which is a mystery to all but ACX, is a key aspect of the royalties for narrators. Read the ACX publisher agreement carefully to make sure you’re being compensated adequately. ACX pays narrators an average of $7.98 per audiobook, which is much higher than the industry standard.

If you’d like to work on ACX projects, make sure you pick genres that will sell well on Audible. They consider genre, length, and number of titles as a way to determine if you’re a good fit for the project. While short-titles are a popular option, producers don’t necessarily trust your voice for them. ACX works with audiobook producers who invest a lot of money to acquire rights and trust that you’ll finish the project.

ACX’s royalty rates are constantly changing. While you might get paid for reading the same book on Audible, you’ll never get to keep the royalty that ACX takes for the book. In addition, ACX never tells you how many times you’ve had to return a book. ACX’s reporting dashboard has many flaws and is difficult to use.

If you’re an ACX audiobook narrator, you’re likely to earn a royalty on every finished hour. The ACX royalty payments are made monthly and are sent to the narrator via direct deposit. If you’re an ACX audiobook narrator, you can make up to $70 per finished hour by selling audiobooks through Audible.

ACX pays a royalty when the narrator records the book, and the author gets paid a small percentage. However, in order to support the narrator, ACX has a bounty program for authors. Every time a new subscriber buys the audiobook, the narrator receives between $50 and $25.

Audible does not pay acx audiobook narrator salary

When working as an ACX audiobook narrator, your salary will depend on your skill level and the number of hours you narrate. The ACX pay rate is $10 PFH per finished hour for new narrators and $150 PFH for experienced narrators. However, this does not represent the full range of the pay. Most ACX narrators use Royalty Share to earn their income, which is split fifty-fifty with the author. If you are interested in becoming an ACX audiobook narrator, you need to select the platform that offers the best pay rates for narrators.

Unlike traditional publishers, ACX works as an open marketplace. That means that ACX projects will be listed on Audible for seven years. To get more projects, choose genres that are popular among consumers. Also, avoid submitting short titles. Short titles are often overlooked, and producers might consider them a sign of lack of commitment. After all, they’ve already invested a lot of money in acquiring the rights and need to be confident that the narrator will finish the book.

ACX is owned by Audible and enables narrators to make money from their voices by selling their services on the site. The site connects authors and narrators, which means narrators can build a following by reading books aloud. However, narrators should make sure to upload high quality samples and upload them to the site.

However, the ACX reporting dashboard has several shortcomings that need to be addressed before any rights holders can receive their royalties. First, ACX does not disclose the number of returns to rights holders. Audible also does not show how many audiobooks are returned, so it is impossible to know how many will qualify for a refund. Audible does not pay narrators a salary, so they can’t make the same payments to narrators.

In addition to not paying a narrator salary, ACX also has a royalty share program. Essentially, the narrator records the book, and if it sounds good, the author and narrator split the royalties fifty-fifty. However, this program is only available to audiobooks that are published through ACX and are not available elsewhere. ACX also has exclusive contracts, which prevent the audiobook from being sold elsewhere. This agreement lasts seven years, and most authors have stopped producing audiobooks altogether.

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