The creation of enterprise software is now essential if your objective is to improve the management and control of your company or to develop your activity. Such a project must, however, be entrusted to a team of experts, specialized in software development, who will be able to meet your needs and requirements. To create the perfect business software, there are various steps to consider.

The audit phase of the project to develop enterprise software

To design a business software adapted to your needs, a project manager, in particular an IT engineer from , first establishes a document called ” specifications “. It will define the objectives of your IT project, your program and the desired version. In other words, the specifications contain all the functional parameters of your business software as well as any constraints that may result from your activity. The aim is to identify the different functions you will need and to analyze the best way to implement them in your program to ensure optimal use. It is therefore important to use a web agency offering this type of service to develop business software.

The design phase

functional analysis of your business software is then undertaken by the developer or the agency as soon as the launch of your project is confirmed. It will allow the identification and description of the functionalities that make up your business software. During this phase, he will conceptualize the screens and identify the various features of your software.

The design phase also allows the determination of flows, the certification of all the validation rules for your data and the definition of the graphic charter . You will be able to better visualize your future program and consider the different functions available to you. A technical analysis will then be carried out in order to check whether it corresponds to the schedule defined in the specifications.

The deployment phase

After the functional and technical analysis, the developers proceed with the development of your software in accordance with the conventions. In principle, you should be able to follow the progress of your IT project in real time from the client interface of your IT development agency’s site.

Therefore, after the development of the functionalities and after the deployment of your software, a pre-version of your program will be presented to you. Then, you can proceed to the verification of the functionalities implemented in your enterprise software and indicated in the specifications. If you have any comments, do not hesitate to communicate them to the project manager. Its team of engineers and developers will take care of making the necessary modifications.

The testing and installation phase

In order to ensure the compliance, performance and efficiency of your software, tests will be carried out. Each module will be tested to optimize and facilitate business management . This phase allows you to examine the responsiveness of your business software under various conditions, in particular in the event of a network interruption or overload. It also makes it possible to check its level of security against possible computer attacks .

The test phase also allows you to correct initial bugs , strengthen security and optimize the general performance of your computer program. It is essential to guarantee you high quality software upon delivery, but also to reduce efforts during its maintenance. If the tests are conclusive, your business software will be delivered to you, then installed and ready to use.

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