If you are looking for a miracle method to learn self-defense alone , at home, first ask yourself if it is really possible. Indeed, sometimes, self-defense is more a fad than a real motivation to learn combat techniques . Unfortunately, many fake instructors take advantage of this and sell overpriced training with the promise of teaching you how to beat yourself perfectly. Lack of luck is not the core value of self-defense.

Today, this practice is more focused on tactics to learn how to defend against potential attackers rather than outright fighting. The idea is precisely to avoid the conflict and in the worst case, neutralize the adversary to escape.


Distinguish between self-defense and combat sports

To begin with, you should know that self-defense is not a discipline like the others. In other words, it is based on a simple and effective self- defense combat method to immobilize an aggressor . Today it is probably popular thanks to its ease, which attracts audiences of all ages. But on the other hand, it also has the advantage of being really accessible to all and regardless of the physical condition of the practitioners. The simple and very intuitive movements make it easier to react in the event of physical aggression .

Nevertheless, it is important to distinguish between self-defense , martial arts and other combat sports . The practice of a martial art (such as karate, jiu-jitsu, judo, etc.) is often based on a series of complex movements that are not very appropriate to a dangerous situation in real life. This generally requires several years of training before achieving the perfect execution of these. However, in self-defense , with enough involvement and work, it is possible to know how to defend yourself fairly quickly. In any case, to have some saving reflexes .

Watch videos to learn self-defense alone?

To start learning, obviously your first and most obvious option is to watch videos on the Internet. With the development and the craze of self-defense , it is quite easy to find your happiness, and even for free. Only, training alone at home cannot be improvised. Already, you will have to find quality content (which should already take you a long time). Then knowing a combat system as advanced as that of Krav-maga or Penchak Silat , for example, takes time… A lot of time!

For this to work in the long term, you should probably find a partner who can act as an ” instructor “, i.e. someone who can help you repeat over and over again the fighting techniques you have learned . in the videos. Also, for this to be consistent with reality, you will have to simulate real scenes of aggression, with resistance from your partner, to learn and develop good stress management (a factor that is too often forgotten ).

Skills that are difficult to learn on your own

As you learn, you need to realize that self-defense is more than just a few punches or strikes with a stick. Far from there. You should also know and understand:

  • the vocabulary specific to each discipline,
  • mastery of movements and techniques,
  • the right attitudes and behaviors to adopt in the event of physical aggression…

Very often, all of this work is quite complex and the need to take private lessons or group lessons, to improve yourself and develop your skills, is quickly felt.

How fast should you train?

To this question, there is no precise answer. Everyone is different and the adaptation time to novelty varies from one individual to another. Moreover, just like self-confidence, reflexes are acquired little by little and through practice. So, if you want to train several times a week, that’s up to you, but if one class per week is enough, that’s just as well!

Learn self-defense alone: ​​prefer to be accompanied!

You have understood, if you really want to learn alone, you must at least choose to learn and memorize the right gestures, with an expert in his field. Ultimately, if you want to learn to increase your knowledge tenfold, asking for help from an instructor, in a gymnasium or in a dojo, will always be more effective… It’s up to you! Or you can visit

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